15 March 2012

eTeacher English Course Lesson 4 The Plural form of nouns

eTeacher English Course video lesson 4: The Plural form of nouns – changing nouns in the singular (1) to nouns in the plural (more than 1). Boy becomes boys (regular plural form). Woman becomes women (irregular plural form).

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Learners is able to see the teacher by way of a internet camera and can speak to the teacher and other classroom individuals with a complimentary wireless headset and microphone offered by eTeacher regarding registration.

eTeacher English Lesson material is actually shown by having a multimedia software at each student’s computer screen. Training elements consist of articles that have been constructed particularly for online learning through tutorial experts. Every eTeacher English lessons are actually carried out online in small teams (6-8 learners) or in exclusive sessions (one-on-one). Classes are scheduled according to students' places, time zones and private choices.

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