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Effortless English Speaking Tips: Should I Force Myself To Speak

Hey, welcome to the another lesson from Effortless English learning video series. This is a really great video that you can find out how you shoud take action about speaking English. If you feel uncomfortable yourself when you try to speak English. Especially in the class.

So please watch below video lesson to learn more about forced English speaking. You know Effortless English learning system is a great course for you to learn English fast and speak fluently.

Hello there, I 'm AJ Hoge, the manager of Effortless English. And you are welcome to today’s learner subject. This really is quite common topic. Here’s the actual queststion: AJ, really should I pressure me personally to speak English?

My very own quick reply is no. In common and in the Effortless English technique, you never force yourself to do anything. Currently, In English learning principally, you'll find type of two standard thought patterns. The first is the actual willpower idea. Therefore willpower is emotional power.

You push yourself to examine, you make yourself to review. It is quite a concept, experiencing that English is actually difficult. English isn't pleasurable, it's not fun. And also you require a lot of dicipline and willpower and force to increase.

That’s the type of anormal concept or perhaps technique. Anormal attitude really, it's not idea, it is attitude. Now one more attitude, that will be the Effortless English attitude is the fact that English can be quite enjoyable. English could be fulfilling and also you must not push yourself, you should want to learn English, study English, exercise English since you like it. Since it is much enjoyable.

I’ll provide you with a good example of this. Let’s say you like playing basketball, you enjoy basketball. It is really great, you enjoy it. Should you force yourself to practice or perhaps perform basketball, in that condition? Absolutely no, you wish to. Every free moment, you want to run out and play basketball right. Some individuals are like this some children love basketball so much, they often need to play. There is no force, no willpower. It’s effortless since they love it so much. It is so fun and enjoyable for them.

Those people learn more rapidly and get much better and become more competent then people who trying to push it. So imagine the opposite; somebody that does indeed not like basketball but they feel must learn it. So everyday they get out and say i must exercise basketball, they may go out and trying to force themselves exercise.

We realize, everyone understands that along with basketball the individual who loves it is going to learn faster and be much better. And the person attempting to force this, eventually they’ll wish to stop or perhaps they’ll learn much more slowly. They'll never be is good.

We understand that with sports. However English we have a different idea somehow. With English we feel, “oh it is painful and we need to push it. It isn't true, it really is a similar. If you use the right system, you may enjoy it. You'll have much more energy and you will want to do it every day.

We now have Effortless English members, who listen to English, practice English, two hours, three hours and 4 hours a day. Now, they are not pushing themselves, it is enjoyable for them. They will love it, they enjoy it, they enjoy the lessons, they enjoy English. They enjoy speaking with people. It’s enjoyment, it’s hobby. And those people learn so much faster. And their ability is so much higher simply because they aren't forcing.

So that’s why i say, never force your self. If you feel you are forcing, that means something is wrong. It means, you have to change your method. Change your feelings, your motivation. You need to change something. You shold not need to force yourself.

And with English speaking, specifically with speaking, don’t force yourself. If you want to speak, then of course speak English anytime you want to, sure speak English. Don’t worry about mistakes just speak. But if you feel really nervous and it makes you feel a lot of stres to try to speak then just relax.

Focus on more listening English for a while. If you want to, you can focus on just listening for six months or seven months. By doing that, you will really improve your speaking a lot. By improving you listening, you will improve your speaking. And it is less stressful maybe. And after four months or five months or six months of just listening, you will eventually want to speak. You won’t need to force it. So do not force speaking. Speak when you want to, but don’t force it.

As today’s Effortless English question. To learn more about the Effortless English system, and join our free email course, go to bye bye.

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