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Day 6 Variety Along With Repeating Are Important

This is Day Six of your Seven days Deep English course. Now we have one more download pack for you today. It has today’s Fluency increaser speaking audio, and also a PDF support document. Be sure to listen and read the today’s lesson down the page BEFORE you perform the Fluency Enhancer within the download bunch.

Welcome back to Day Six in our course. What did you think about the Aron Ralston’s Active English Listening story? Really crazy right? If you haven’t listened to that yet, download it with all the link towards the bottom of the web page. Right now you’ll receive a different Fluency Booster English Speaking lesson.

If you want to listen to the remainder of the story and much more listening and speaking stories, take a look at our True Stories Listening and Speaking Series.

Now, we would like to mention repetition. It isn’t pretty, it isn’t thrilling, yet it is essential. Anytime you’re learning anything, repeating is vital.

We know what you’re thinking, repetition is actually boring. Learning English should be interesting. If you aren’t interested you won’t carry on. If you aren’t having fun, you’re going to give up.

That’s certainly right. You should keep things interesting. Firstly, you have to find content material that you just think is exciting, significant as well as makes you think.

Second, you should repeat this and re-experience it in different ways. Lots of you probably have used flash cards to examine vocabulary. Vocabulary cards will work, but doing exactly the same thing gets boring right? You need meaningful repetition. And also the repetition should have enough variety to help keep that interesting. You should be experiencing and also re-experiencing in different ways or else you won’t carry on.

This really is section of the philosophy behind the Deep English way. In our True Stories Listening and Speaking Collection we give you 8 kinds of lessons.
  1. Active Listening
  2. Active Listening Slower Speed
  3. Active Speaking
  4. Fluency Enhancer
  5. Looking Forward Looking Back: Future
  6. Looking Forward Looking Back: Present Continuous
  7. Looking Forward Looking Back: Past Continuous
  8. Looking Forward Looking Back: Present Perfect

These are 8 various ways so that you can experience and re-experience the information. This kind of repeating was designed to maintain altering so that you can deeply experience the language without losing interest.

The other day we discussed employing your imagination. Closing your eyes as well as imagining the way things appear and the way things really feel can also be section of our learning philosophy. This offers you a different way to experience the content. The story is the similar but we would like you to re-experience that from a psychological and visual stage.

In the Fluency Booster stories, we all have you re-experience the storyline by answering questions.

Something else you can do to get more repetition would be to quit the recording and repeat the questions when you supply the answer. This kind of targeted repeating is also good with the Active English Listening lessons.

Generally we ask you to relax while focusing for the meaning of the stories. Right now attempt different things. Forget about the meaning and concentrate about the sound of the language. Language is a lot like music; it comes with a tempo and also melody. Stop the recording whenever you like and try to repeat the last sentence you hear. Duplicate the actual tempo and music.

Provide this kind of listen and repeat technique a try however don’t add too much. The most critical thing is to enjoy it and keep it exciting. If you’re tired of doing the Active English Speaking, listen to the Active Listening once more. If you’re fed up with the Active Listening, try stopping the recording and doing a bit of listen and repeat. If you’re fed up with the particular listen and repeat process, return to the Active Listening and just close your eyes and imagine. There are numerous different ways to use the Deep English system. The important thing is to keep it exciting as well as have some fun.

Get pleasure from today’s Active Speaking story and look with us tomorrow for additional advice about the way to improve your English.

If you’ve been taking pleasure in this course and also the free English mp3 trial samples, take a look at our True Stories Listening and Speaking Group to have four months of listening and speaking materials.

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