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Learn Real English Conversation Guide

Learn Real English conversation program is very useful to improve English speaking skills and listening comprehension. So if you understand real spoken English in everyday life as well as movies you must learn real English. This course created by A.J. Hoge  of Effortless English program, and his two friends to help you learn idioms, slangs and common expression which uses in daily life.
learn-real-english-conversationsYou may notice this, most of the people would like to speak English, but because of lots of ignorance, they will lose the interest of learning English. You should know this; the England invented this official English. The government controls the people by controlling the way the people of England communicate. In case, if the people use their official language in an improper way, then you won’t get a good salary, visa, job and you won’t pass the academic and so on.

How to Learn Real English

For some of the people, it is really necessary to teach the official government English, the reason is just because they require a good salary, a visa, and a good job and so on. But ensure that, it is not easy to learn. In fact, you know more than 80% of the native speaker used to struggle in passing any of the modern English language exams like TOIEC or IELTS.

Basically, there are 2 types of English

There is an "official" which is used by the people who want to get international jobs, visas and high salaries they should learn this type of English. And the other one is nothing but a Real English, which is not official, nor correct or proper, but the English which is spoken by the native English speakers are generally used to communicate in their daily routine.

Ensure that, a Real English it is never incorrect or correct because it can be examined only through one criterion which is nothing but a communication.

A brief glimpse into the Features of Real English

  • It is creative: This means it the language won’t follow the rules ad forms of the languages, which it carries from. 
  • It is efficient: With the help of few words, you can able to communicate the English more. A person who has less knowledge about the English can still communicate with others. 
  • It is Phonetic: It uses just 24 characters in order to communicate. An individual can learn how to read and write the English easily and this makes him speak easily. An individual with just basic alphabet knowledge can do this, but ensure that it is really impossible to do when it is compared to the many other types of languages. 
  •  It is flexible:If you speak the English incorrectly, still you can communicate with others. Here the sentence structure is not so important. 
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