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Deep English Day 2: Don’t Study English Use English

Welcome back to Day 2 of our own one week Deep English training. Yesterday we learned about the reason why a lot more grammar and vocabulary will not be the solutions to English fluency.

English is not only grammar guidelines as well as words. Let’s have a look at another example. Let’s look at losing weight. If you wish to lose weight, you don’t study in relation to exercise and you don’t study in relation to different types of diets. If you need to lose weight, the solution isn’t study. The correct answer is to eat much less and exercise. It’s that simple. Stop studying and get to work!

The same thing goes for improving your English listening and speaking. Studying a lot more words and grammar rules isn’t the solution. The simplest way to become a improved listener and much better speaker is always to listen more and to speak English more. Very easy right?

Wait a minute! “Easier said than done!

‘Easier said than done‘ is a common English phrase. It means that something is simple to speak about, but not very easy to do. Let’s view some examples:

  • “The secret to losing weight is to eat less and also move more. Easier said than done.”

  • “The formula to being a improved English speaker and listener will be to speak much more and listen more. Easier said than done.”

You could possibly don’t have a great deal of probability to make use of English. How do you do it?

Let’s get started with listening first and we'll take a look at speaking tomorrow. You can get three key points you must know:

We must look into the first level. As you know, you'll find many different ways to listen to English over the internet, which include on YouTube or even searching using Google. Additionally, you could rent videos within a video store, or watch English TV.

Sadly, many of these listening sources are extremely difficult for almost all learners. If listening is just too difficult, then you can’t have an understanding of enough. You just cannot make advancement. If the particular listening is too hard, you just won’t do it.

So the first key point in regards to listening in the Deep English method is: Listening Need To Be Easy. That’s right, it should be easy in order that you understand the majority of the phrases and words spoken. Doing this, you could relax while focusing on the big picture. Then you certainly get started learning more rapidly.

The second key point is: Listening Need To Be Pleasurable. The content need to be interesting, enjoyment, and exciting. If it is boring, then listening results in being work.

The next real reason is: You'll want to Listen a Lot. The more you listen, the better. Obtain something that interests you, and begin listening to it as much as possible. Just as before, you need interesting content to prevent yourself interested.

Today we’re supplying you with an mp3 English audio lesson which we believe is quite interesting. If you haven’t downloaded that presently, make sure to do it now. This is a lesson regarding Michael Jordan and also Thomas Edison. These were two men who identified success by never giving up. Hopefully you will find that interesting and also simple.

There are two variations; Active Listening and also Active Listening Slowly Speed. Listen to the slowly speed type maybe once or twice first. You don’t need to understand every thing. Just try to understand the main points and allow the rest go. You’ll be listening a lot of times, so don’t care about the various you don’t understand.

Also, it will help to close your eyes and imagine what you're listening to. Paint pictures in your mind. Doing this will assist you to remember new words and phrases you hear.

Whenever you’re ready, listen to the standard speed recording. We’re also supplying you with a Pdf file support document which includes each of the words but don’t look at it till you’ve listened at least Several times. Don’t get stuck watching the card colors change. Look at the big picture.

We’ll be back together with another lesson the next day to talk about enhancing your English speaking and to provide you with an additional mp3 English lesson.

Deep English Download

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