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Deep English Lessons Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of the 7 days Deep English course. Today, we would like that you should watch the 3 videos below. You can see the transcript regarding Videos 1 and 3. The audio within Video Two is not really significant. Just watch it.

Video 1: Just what Do you have to Focus On?


What’s the obvious way to boost your English? It’s not really an easy problem. must you concentrate on the form of the language or the meaning?

Language has a form. This is grammar. You’ve probably studied a number of grammar rules through the years. And naturally, language has meaning. You’ve as well perhaps spent quite a long time studying vocabulary. So which is a bit more important? Which one may help you become much more fluent? The form or perhaps the meaning? Grammar or even vocabulary? Well, actually it’s neither. Why is that?

Before we continue on we want you to watch a short 3 minute card magic video clip. This can help you have an understanding of something in regards to the mind and about studying English. It’s a card magic where the cards magically change color.

Don’t be troubled when you can’t realize the English. The words aren’t necessary. Only watch the video. As soon as you’re complete, we’ll go through remainder of today’s lesson.

Video 2: Color Changing Card Trick


Remember, don’t concern yourself with comprehending the English inside the video above. Just watch the actual card trick.

Video 3: Seeing The Big Picture

Have you finish the card trick movie? At this point you know that the video wasn’t concerning the cards. Most people are so busy exploring the colors of the cards that they miss the much much larger color changes. The clothes changed, the desk color altered and also the complete background color changed. Just how could you miss such significant changes? So, it’s really very normal. Our interest is extremely limited. When we focus too much a single thing, it will make us overlook other items.

Ok, so what performs this relate to learning English? So, learning English is a lot like that color changing video clip. There's a lot going on and if you spend too much effort checking out the cards, you pass up the big picture. The big picture is certainly fluent, self-assured communication.

If you would spend a long time translating every single word or even studying simply vocabulary and grammar, you skip your opportunity to become a better speaker as well as a better listener.

Now we want to be completely very clear. There is nothing mistaken with studying grammar or vocabulary. These are required to start with. You’ve perhaps researched lots of English grammar and vocabulary. Great! This study served you and that’s why you actually can read and understand the majority of this particular video clip.

That’s what you actually required to perform in the beginning, although it’s definitely not the thing you need right now. More grammar, more vocabulary, and much more translation are NOT what you need to be a more fluent English speaker.

By fluency, we mean your ability to communicate as well as understand normal English, Your ability to speak English efficiently and understand very easily. So what exactly is the easiest way to increase your English? The reply is certainly simple. There is just one way to improve your English speaking and listening fluency. Make use of more English! Not study more, yet USE more, listen much more, along with speak English more.

All right, but how do you need to do this? Maybe you live inside a place where you actually don’t have a chance to use a great number of English. Perhaps you don’t have sufficient confidence to speak English. So what do you do?

We don’t wish to overload you together with too much information and facts in one day. We discovered inside the color video clip how the mind can’t concentrate on too much at one time.

For now, simply take a few momemts and think about your own experience studying English.
  • How did you researched in the past?
  • Has it stopped you from discovering the big picture?
  • How can you arranged grammar and vocabulary to the side?
  • How is it possible to begin improving your English with an increase of speaking and even more listening?

Tomorrow we’ll be submitting you an post regarding Day 2 in our Deep English course. Day Two features two sections. We’ll give you an audio lesson employing our own Deep English method. And also we’ll offer you more information about how exactly you can improve your English speaking and listening. Any questions or perhaps reviews? Please don't hesitate to leave them below.

 Deep English Course

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